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Pre-emergent spray

Weed Control

Weeds compete with productive crops or pasture, eventually taking over productive land and turning it into unusable scrub. These weeds can be poisonous, distasteful, produce burrs, thorns or otherwise interfere with the use and management of desirable plants by contaminating harvests or interfering with livestock. Our weed control programs may involve both preemergent and postemergent applications to prevent spring weed emergence and in the summer to control pervasive weeds. Contact treatments can also be performed at peak germination periods of broadleaf weeds.


Herbicide Application

Weed control can also be achieved by the use of herbicides, these herbicides can kill certain target weeds while leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed. These act by interfering with the growth of the weeds.  Herbicide products used by HFI are tested and approved by the EPA and are applied by licensed, trained professionals. Our equipment is calibrated to apply the proper amount of product to eliminate weeds completely.


Pasture Management

Noxious weeds are the bane of every farmer and various methods such as mechanical tilling can remove weeds around crop plants at various points in the growing process.  We can help keep your farm productive by selective herbicide treatments with our ToolCat sprayer.