HFI Field Services is a company providing vegetation and pasture management to both small and large customers in the Pacific Northwest.  We offer field spraying and weed control to reduce weeds and other unwanted vegetation.

We have an assortment of spraying tools to handle any kind of project, ranging from the specially designed ToolCat rough ground sprayer, to hand crews with backpack sprayers. When we are handling large projects, we can subcontract helicopters which allow us to carry out aerial spraying. Our services include vegetation management, herbicide treatment, pasture management and weed control.

We are licensed pesticide applicators, having all the necessary certifications. We have a team of highly trained and experienced field spraying technicians who have been trained on safety and proper handling of the products we use.

Our team of technicians has extensive training on handling sensitive chemicals; they carry out the activity in a manner that ensures safety of all personnel and animals as well as the non-targeted vegetation. We also use chemicals which are environmentally friendly. Our staff at all times uses protective gear to ensure they are not harmed by the chemicals. When carrying out aerial spraying we ensure that all safety measures have been observed to prevent any injuries or contamination.

If you are preparing for planting, we offer thorough ground preparation using pre-emergent herbicides in order to keep the weeds at bay. We can also follow up with tree or plant spraying to ensure that the weeds are completely eliminated. If you have a road that is closing in we also carry out roadside spraying to ensure that your roads are open at all times and accessible. In farms where the weeds have gained a foothold, we use selective herbicides to ensure that they are eliminated while at the same time leaving the trees or crops intact.
We invite you to get a free, no cost quote, we will give you detailed information on what type of spraying you need to ensure that weeds are eliminated from your property.

We are the field spraying and weed control company of choice and we have what it takes to get rid of weeds in your fields. We have the expertise and professionalism to perform weed control services that have the desired results.